Raab Associates helps companies to select and employ technology for marketing automation and analytics. Typical projects include:

Technology Consulting

  • technology audit: a structured evaluation of your current marketing systems and vendors to identify gaps between existing capabilities and industry best practices. We deliver specific recommendations for changes that will result in substantial improvements in marketing results.
  • needs assessment: a thorough analysis of your business situation and resources to define solutions that will meet specified project goals. We deliver a detailed description and requirements document that will drive internal discussions and actual project planning.
  • vendor selection: a complete project management service that defines business needs, identifies solutions, and guides you through the entire selection process. Each stage is accompanied by precise documentation that ensures the project reaches a successful conclusion at minimum cost.

Marketing Analysis

  • MPM Toolkit: a package of tools to guide marketing performance measurement programs. The Toolkit includes detailed project plans, checklists, assessment forms, score cards, reference lists and examples.
  • marketing dashboards: hands-on assistance with the design and deployment of reporting and analysis systems. These can be built using existing corporate systems or developed in tools selected especially for the project.
  • customer value analytics: consulting in the details of lifetime value calculations, customer scoring systems, marketing simulations and other advanced analytical projects.

Vendor Support

  • white papers and webinars: thought-leading presentations by a widely-recognized industry expert provide vendors with an effective way to communicate with their target audiences.
  • competitive landscape: objective advice on customer needs, product features, competitive products, and marketing strategies helps companies develop their business in the most effective ways possible.
  • due diligence: close examination of technology, customer relationships and competitive threats helps merger and acquisition teams ensure they are making sound investments.